4 Sex Positions to Increase Intimacy

Having sex with a partner already implies a certain intimacy. You have removed at least some of your clothing and allowed one person to get as close to you as possible. Including potentially being inside you. We have found something about which sex positions increase intimacy. If you want to create a special closeness with your partner, try one of these positions. Think of it as an experiment. You can also try these positions with sex dolls.


Flip the script to your sex position. If missionary isn’t your usual sex position, bring back this classic position at your bed for added intimacy. It might seem like an ancient way to have sex, but it also offers an intimate boost. Missionary offers you the opportunity to connect visually with your partner through your eyes. That’s right, keep your eyes open as you love. By connecting with your eyes, a deeper intimacy can be created through the emotional and visual aspects.


The spoons position or spooning is both a sexual position and a cuddling technique. The name derives from the way that two spoons may be positioned side by side, with bowls aligned. The sexual spoons position is a form of a rear-entry position, another form being the doggy style position. Spooning is the most accessible of all positions that increase intimacy. The reason this position is so fantastic is due to the amount of skin-to-skin contact and the fact that regardless of the time spent in the position, both partners rarely feel uncomfortable. It has been scientifically proven that skin contact releases chemicals like oxytocin into the body. The spoons position may be preferred by couples who have just woken up or are very tired. It may be used if the woman is pregnant, even during the last trimester, because it does not put any pressure on the abdomen.

Sitting Lotus

Do you want face-to-face contact with your partner without the same old missionary sex position? Try the sitting lotus. One partner sits cross-legged on the bed while the other partner sits on top of their partner with their legs wrapped around their back. The partner on top places their hands on his partner’s shoulders to ensure ultimate comfort. What makes this position great is that it offers an intimate face-to-face presence where partners can make eye contact, kiss and whisper things to each other. This position really intensifies intimacy because your whole body touched. The partner on top can move slowly and sensually, which can further increase the passion between the couples.

Standing Missionary

To be fair, only one of you needs to stand up for this position. The penetrating partner stands while the other partner lies on a flat surface. It can of course be a bed, but a sturdy table or a comfortable couch will also work. The person lying down can wrap their legs around the other’s torso or rest their ankles on their shoulders. This position allows the penetrating partner to push away comfortably, which brings a lot of pleasure to both sides. It also provides a very large range of motion for adjustment, allowing each partner to communicate with the other to slowly fine-tune the position for both sides. This back-and-forth communication leads directly to better sex and promotes increased intimacy.


Then maybe a simple lovemaking position is good, where you can look into each other’s eyes and communicate better. Some lovemaking positions are good for sex in bed, some are good for sex during pregnancy and some are good for sex under the covers on a lazy Sunday. The above sex positions we listed never seem to lose their appeal and are still popular with most people. Have you found the right one for you? If not, there’s only one way to find them: try, try, try!

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