Helpful Articles for Sex Dolls (2)

List of helpful articles for sex dolls: a.Hair Care Kit; b.Nude Panty Hose & Undershirt; c.Shoes & Socks; d.TPE Repair Solvent.

Hair Care Kit

It must upset you that your sex doll’s hair is easy to snaggle. You can use Nourishing Hair Oil and Scalp Massager Brush to remove the snarls from her hair. Massager Brush is great for conditioning, shampooing and combing for your love doll’s hair. It helps sex doll’s hair get out tangles while hair oil is applied in her head.

If your love doll is not implanted with human hair, it is better to buy Synthetic Wig Conditioner. This conditioner is specially made for synthetic wigs. It can prolong the life of your doll’s wig, promotes its silkiness and shine.

Doll’s Hair Care Recommendation:
Firstly, clean your love doll’s hair and dry it. Secondly, spray conditioner or apply hair oil on her hair evenly. Finally, gently comb the wig using massager brush to get out tangles.

Nude Panty Hose & Undershirt

New clothes may dye your doll. Therefore, the doll’s clothes must be cleaned many times after purchase to remove the surface dye on the cloth. Material of all clothes is different. Some clothes will still stain the doll after washing, so it is better to test them on TPE samples. In addition, you can make you dolls wear nude panty hose and undershirt.

Panty hose and undershirt can be made stain and dirt resistant. Tight clothes are easy to leave strangulation marks on sex doll’s skin. It’s better to choose relatively loose panty hose and undershirt.

Shoes & Socks

Sex doll wearing shoes and socks can reduce the damage. Sex doll with standing screws can’t stand too long, otherwise her feet will be damaged. You can choose a standing sex doll without screws, which can not only make your love dolls be good-looking, but also conducive to extending her service life.

Some manufacturers will provide gifts including shoes and silicone socks. But usually for manufacturers and suppliers, when the weight price and overall cost of postage are high, there is no guarantee that they must provide gifts.

Flat shoes are the best choice for shoes for your love doll. If you are worried that the foot nails will damage the shoes, you can buy a pair of thick insoles. Cotton soled slippers are a good choice. Better not to choose high-heeled shoes for your love dolls. Because it is difficult to find the balance and maintain posture in high-heeled shoes for your sex dolls.

TPE Repair Solvent

If you don’t take good care of your sex doll when storing and moving it, it is likely to suffer some damage, such as dents, scratches, and breaks. Therefore, TPE Repair Solvent is necessary for repairing your love dolls.

TPE Repair Solvent is a special solvent. Its function is to melt the break slightly and bond the break by applying pressure. The repaired break is not easy to rupture again. TPE Repair Solvent are specially developed for repairing small breaks in TPE sex dolls. It has been developed through many tests. This solvent meets strict standards and is harmless to human body.

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