A Guide for Sex Doll Buyers

If you have never bought a sex doll, but now you decide to buy one, then this post is a guide for you. Except for sex dolls in stock and torso sex dolls, all dolls in our store can be selected and customized according to your own preferences.


The taller your sex doll, the heavier she is. A 150cm (4ft92) sex doll is usually around 30-32kg (66-70lbs) and a 170cm (5ft58) sex doll is around 40kg (88lbs). Sex doll is usually heavier than most people might think and harder to lift up than a real person. When you hold a person, he can cooperate with you, and his weight is scattered. Sex doll is an object not a real person. The force is uneven when you hold your love doll. If you have back problems, you’d better choose a small sex doll. Sex dolls of 140cm still feel very good for sex and companionship.

Eyes & Skin

Almost all dolls can customize the eye color and skin color. Just choose your favorite color. Due to the use of professional lighting, the skin color in the photos can be misleading. You can ask the customer service for the factory photos of dolls to better choose the skin color. The doll’s eyes can be easily removed and replaced, so you can try different colors. The skin color is permanent and cannot be changed.


There are 2 different feet types: Normal Feet and Standing Feet. Sex doll with normal feet cannot stand. When this doll stands, her weight will crush TPE of her foot soles and damage her feet. The standing feet have metal bolts, which can bear the weight of sex doll, so her foot soles are not affected. It is recommended that you choose love dolls with standing feet. You can stand your doll to pose, take photos, make love and store her. The standing feet option will greatly improve your experience.

Some silicone manufacturers offer standing feet without bolts, an option in which the feet material is hardened to support the weight of the sex doll. This type of feet looks like Normal feet. But if your sex dolls stand too long, their foot soles will still be damaged


Sex doll’s vagina is fixed or inserted. Inserted vagina can be inserted and removed from sex doll’s vaginal cavity. Therefore, it is easy to take out and clean after use, and can be replaced if broken. Fixed vagina is more realistic in appearance. However, it cannot be removed from the sex doll’s body, and it is not easy to clean.


There are 3 breasts type: Solid, Hollow, and Gel-Filled (not all brands offer Gel-filled). Solid breasts are filled with the same TPE as the material of the sex doll,usually used for small breasts. Hollow breasts have a pocket of air inside the breasts. Hollow breasts can be squeezed more easily, making them feel softer and more elastic. Gel-Filled breasts are filled with very soft gel that feels extremely realistic. They are jiggly like Hollow breasts, and have a natural weight as real breasts. If your love doll has Gel-Filled breasts, you’d better make her put on a bra to keep her breasts supported.


Silicone head can be implanted into human hair or synthetic hair, while TPE head can only be covered with a wig. The implanted hair is attached on the silicone head, which is more realistic than the wig. However, it is more difficult to clean than a wig, and there is no guarantee that it will never fall off from the head. Most doll brands have a range of wigs for buyers. You can choose your favorite wig in the options. The wig can be easily replaced, cared for and worn on your sex doll like a hat. You can also buy better wigs online to make your love doll be more beautiful.

Public Hair

Most people choose “no pubic hair“. If you choose to add pubic hair, you usually need to pay extra. You can ask the supplier or factory for a sample photo of pubic hair before making a decision. The pubic hair will finally fall off after repeated cleaning.

Customized options also include various color of nail, toenail, areola and vaginal labia. Choose the one you like best. All these decorative options are temporary. They will finally fall off and must be reapplied. Some brands also have some special options, such as heating and moaning functions. You need to pay extra for these options. If you want to heat your doll, you can use an electric blanket.

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