Zelex Released All-New SLE Series

Zelex’s All-New SLE Series, launched on October 20th, is poised to bring a fresh choice to the silicone doll market. Based on the original silicone material, ZELEX has developed its unique SLE(Safety Less-vinyl Elastomer) material. SLE material is Non-toxic and Odorless, Sturdy and Durable. SLE dolls have Richer Details, and Softer TouchAdditionally, it features ultra-realistic skin texture and details, a more durable vagina, and lower cost. These all sound like nice upgrades that solve many important issues such as softness, durability, and weight. With the launch of their SLE Collection, they released many new doll heads and bodies.

SLE Series Posters

ZX164G Body

First up is the ZX164G (164cm) body. It’s a fit, well-proportioned body with round hips and toned abs. Weight-wise, it’s still relatively heavy so the SLE material isn’t significantly lighter. Zelex shows photo set of 164G body with Head ZXE200, ZXE202, ZXE203, ZXE204. Of the heads you’ll see below, they all have “ROS”. They all look like models or celebrities.

SLE 166K Body

Next, we have the ZX166K (166cm) body. It’s slim but with much larger breasts – perfect for those who like busty, petite bodies. Zelex shows photo set of 166K body with Head ZXE203 and ZXE208. Head ZXE208 with the micro bikini highlights these puppies very well.

SLE 172E Body

Next up, we have the ZX172E (172cm) body. This body is tall and slim, with fairly small breasts for an E-cup. It looks fit and well-proportioned, and as you’ll see, the LHP is quite good as well. Zelex shows photo set of 172E body with Head ZXE201, ZXE203 and ZXE205. Head ZXE201 is a perfect face. Not only does she look pretty and cute, her opened ROS mouth looks quite natural. Meanwhile, Zelex seems to like Head ZXE203 because she’s shown on every body thus far.

SLE 160J Body

Last but not least, there’s one more doll body with no promo photos yet. It’s the shortest but “thickest” of the bunch. With large breasts, wide hips, and a thin waist, it’s an exaggerated fantasy BBW body that some people will like.


After releasing their innovative Inspiration Series over a year ago, this was a huge surprise from Zelex. Their latest SLE material is upgrade for basically the same price. Since it comes with many attractive heads and bodies from the get-go, it makes choosing their SLE collection easy. The Zelex SLE Series products will be offered exclusively as in-stock items. Initially, these products will be shipped directly from a domestic factory, with plans to subsequently distribute them to overseas warehouses in the United States to expedite doll delivery for customers.

Should you have any interest in Zelex’s All-New SLE Series products, please learn more here!

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