Does Owning A Sex Doll Make Me Weird?

Owning a sex doll is as bizarre as anyone who owns a vibrator, dildo, fleshlight or pocket vagina! In other words, just as odd as almost anyone, male or female. The only difference is that you get a bigger, better, and more enjoyable sex toy. For whatever reason, people sometimes find it difficult to sidestep this simple concept. It’s just a toy and should be fun, not a source of fear. If you’re still worried it might make you feel weird, here are some simple tips to avoid getting stuck.

No matter how good she looks and feels, she’s not really a woman

Obviously we all play with the doll and pretend it’s real and that’s part of the fun. The fun you will have with this life-size, “just as heavy” and “just as soft” sex toy is amazing. When you get into her heart, you must fantasize that she is a real woman. But even when I had sex with it, I knew it was a doll, not Stacy, Rachel, or Annie, it was a doll, an amazing sex doll. That’s it.

I think what’s weird about 99% lifelike sex dolls is that people act like real lovers, eat together, etc. You see it a lot in documentaries, but they just like to sensationalize by focusing on marginalized groups.

Don’t pick a sex doll which looks like someone you know

Well, we have a dark part about wanting to design a sex doll which looks like someone you know. However, when someone finds out, they will feel incredible and disgusted with your creepy side. Whether you are a man or a woman, turning your boyfriend, partner or crush into a sex doll is weird. Remember it’s just a toy.

At Linkooerdoll, we hava many beautiful real dolls for everyone with a variety of faces and bodies, so just pick the one that excites you the most and customize it.

Store unused dolls

These dolls look real. If someone walks into your room and sees you lying on your bed (or on your floor if you’re a real slob), it will surprise them. You probably thought it was a corpse. Therefore, you had better find a place to store your doll when not in use. Whether it’s in the original box, under the bed, in a closet or something you own, make sure you have a safe and unobtrusive place to store your doll when not in use becomes.

These sex dolls typically stand over 5 feet tall and weigh over 65 pounds (up to 120 pounds for fat sex dolls). It’s a good idea to have somewhere to store your sex doll before you buy it. Linkooerdoll also sells lockable flight case for sex dolls. It looks like a large travel case that can hold anything from golf clubs to musical instruments, and they’re pretty discreet. Just ask us about it.


As said, owning a sex doll is no different from owning a dildo, pocket vagina, vibrator or any other sex toy. It’s a fun sexual aid and release for men, women and couples. In fact, you’re only just ahead of the curve. First there were dildos, then vibrators, then fleshlights and now sex dolls. It’s just the natural progression of technology and you’re an early adopter. There will always be the critical, judgmental types who resist change, but who cares? The bottom line is that as long as you are honest and using your sex doll for the right reasons, like sexual redemption and exploration, there really is nothing wrong.

Here at Linkooerdoll we do not judge, we do not discriminate, we respect privacy and we understand and support our customers. Our prices are more affordable than any other legitimate product supplier, so what are you waiting for? Get your very own sex doll today!

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