Sex Toys VS Sex Dolls

Sex toys define a vast array of articles employed for gratifying one’s sexual urges. Dildos, vibrators, artificial vaginas, all are slotted under the sex toys column. These toys of intimacy enjoy considerable popularity on a global scale. Sex doll is also known as the love doll, which is a kind of sex toy that imitates the human body. Sex dolls have realistic facial features and body details. With the development of technology, the inflatable dolls in the past have also developed into today’s TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls.


Sex toys are the most feasible masturbatory medium available to us humans. They are available in every price bracket. From in-budget to the lavish-end, anyone can find a toy that sits well with their budget. On the contrary, sex dolls range between hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars, which is related to size, body shape, brand, and material. You can buy affordable sex dolls from our store below 1000 dollars.


Most sex toys and sex dolls are made of TPE. TPE is widely used in sex toys due to its excellent ductility, anti-aging, non-toxic and other characteristics. The most common products are masturbators and dildos. You can have a real sexual experience with lubricating oil.

Silicone is applied to some high-end sex dolls because the appearance of sex dolls made with silicone is more realistic. Sex dolls usually have a metal skeleton inside, which mimics the bones and joints of the human body. It is also very convenient to pose in various positions when having sex.

Volume and weight

Generally, sex toys are not too big and they are highly portable. They don’t demand a large room for storage or an unreasonably high maintenance cost. They can literally be stored in your end-table drawer. Due to their convenient nature, they can be utilized by their owner at any time they please.

For sex dolls, the design of metal bones and solid TPE or silicone will undoubtedly be heavier, especially since they are the same size as real people. A 158cm sex doll with a normal body weighs about 40kg. If you want a lighter sex doll, you can choose mini sex doll with a height of 100cm or less. For some adult-size sex dolls, you can also choose the hollow breast option to reduce the weight. Of course, body size is another important factor that affects sex doll weight.


Sex dolls offer a rousing sexual experience to anyone who buys it. These sex products are designed by keeping the subdued fantasies of people as a base. What it means is that you can easily find a doll that matches your deep hidden fantasy. Plus, they very much have real human features that make you feel you are engaged with a real person.

Sex toys also can satisfy your erotic desire, but that’s all. In addition, there is a small flaw that sex toys bear. The stimulation they offer uses your fantasy as its fuel. To put it in an elaborate manner, sex toys can be seen as tools that require the assistance of the imagination of the user. If you employ a sex toy to fulfill your intimate urges, then you must fantasize about something intensely erotic.


There is a world full of benefits that a sex doll serves its owner. It is important to note that unlike sex toys, dolls aren’t restricted to serve sexual pleasure to its owner. There are many other perks apart from the erotic ones that an adult doll brings to the table. It can be concluded that the sex dolls have a slight edge against the sex toys. They are much more than a mere masturbatory object. Sex dolls are perceived as inanimate companions by their owners and offer something stronger than sexual stimulation.

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