Seamless Neck Dolls VS Dolls with Detachable Head

From the emergence of sex dolls to today, there are more and more types of sex dolls. It can be divided into silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls by material; into mini sex dolls, full-size sex dolls and torso sex dolls by size; into seamless neck dolls, dolls with detachable head and multi-part detachable dolls by structure.

Seamless neck doll is an innovative sex doll developed in recent years. On the doll forum, you can see the feedback of doll buyers on the sex doll with detachable head. They say that the seam on the doll’s neck makes the sex doll look not realistic enough, which greatly affects the experience. Therefore, some brands that focus on user experience began to produce seamless neck dolls.

Seamless neck dolls are “all-in-one,” meaning the head is attached to the body, and can’t be removed. This results in no jarring seam-lines in the neck area, which is much more aesthetically pleasing and realistic. For brands, it’s considered an expensive and risky practice because the heads are non-interchangable. If people don’t like the head or body, the entire mold goes to waste. Production is also riskier because both the head and body needs to come out perfectly without defects. Therefore, most of manufacturers still focus on the production of sex dolls with detachable head. There are few brands, such Piper Doll, Sanhui and WM Doll, offer sex dolls with seamless neck designs.


The head and body of sex doll can be assembled at will. As long as their connector is the same model, they can be connected together. After changing the head, even if the doll’s body does not change, it is a new experience for the buyer. The head of the seamless neck doll cannot be removed. When buyers lose their freshness to their doll’s face, their interest in this sex doll will also decrease. However, the adult doll with detachable head has an obvious seam on the neck, which has an great impact on customers’ pursuit of real experience with sex dolls, even if it has realistic face and body details. In addition, their skin color may be different due to the mixing of materials in production. The seamless neck doll has no gap on its neck and has the same skin color. It looks more like a real person.


If you want to clean the stains on the doll’s face or its implanted hair, it is more convenient for the sex doll with detachable head. If you want to clean the body of the seamless neck doll, you must carry the whole doll to the bathroom. Take care of the head during cleaning to avoid removing its makeup.


Seamless neck doll is more expensive than dolls with detachable head due to its high production cost. Its production adopt new mold and pouring technology. Its material is poured from the mold head, and the mold neck is relatively narrow. Without skilled pouring experience, some body parts will probably be hollowed out. Which increase the rate of defective products and costs. However, producing the head and body separately will greatly reduce the probability of defective products. In addition, the entire mold goes to waste if people don’t like the head or body of seamless neck doll. Therefore, seamless neck doll is more expensive than dolls with detachable head.

Maintenance Cost

For a sex doll with detachable head, its head and body are assembled through screws and screw openings. These hardware components are bound to wear after long-term use, which makes the connection loose. In addition, water can easily flow into the neck seam during the cleaning, resulting in internal moisture, mildew and other problems. However, there is no seam in the neck of the seamless neck doll. It will not be damaged by metal wear and internal moisture.


Both types of above sex dolls have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to judge which is better. If you’re just upset that the neck seam affects the pretty looking of your love doll, you can choose a long wig for it. It is expected that there will be advanced technology in the future to reduce the production cost of seamless neck dolls and let more doll lovers own seamless neck sex dolls.

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