How to Dispose of Used Sex Doll?

Not all sex dolls can accompany you for life. For various reasons, you want to throw them away. For example, your sex dolls have been used for so long that they lose their makeup; Or its skin may be damaged or discolored due to your negligence; Or you have a beloved partner and no longer need sex dolls. At this point, you need to consider how to dispose of used sex doll.

Throw it in the Trash

Throwing sex dolls into the trash can is the most intuitive way we can imagine. The size of sex dolls is usually close to that of adults. The general garbage can may not fully accommodate your sex doll. Imagine the awkward scene when you are holding a sex doll to the garbage. If you are in the suburbs and have garbage trucks to clean up garbage regularly, then this is always a very good choice.

If you want, you can also dismember your sex doll before throwing it away. This is a cruel way. After all, you will have some feelings for it, and the process is exactly the same as the evil killing in the movie. When you cut silicone or TPE, the doll will expose the metal skeleton inside. Don’t be afraid, they just look a little scary. Then you can pack the garbage to make it look more like ordinary household garbage.

For Sale on Used Platforms

If your love doll is still not too defective, it is better to sell it on platforms like eBay. To sell your sex doll within the shortest time, it is best to provide complete information about your doll and provide high-quality images of your doll from all angles. This will help buyers fully understand what they are buying to avoid any disputes after the sale is finished. In addition to eBay, sex doll forums such as dollforum also provide exclusive used doll services.

Return to Manufacturer

You can ask your seller or the local sex doll factories if they provide recycling service or not. It may be the best bet to return to the factory to take it apart. However, manufacturers generally don’t support recycling service. On the one hand, some variegation will appear on the surface of the adult doll after long-term use. This variegation is very difficult to remove. After dissolving the used TPE and then refilling to product new sex dolls, there will be some color blemishes. On the other hand, TPE or silicone sex dolls are more of an adult sex product, and using recycled materials does make customers think it unclean an unhygienic. For example, if you are buying a sex doll and the seller tells you that they provide recycling service, will you worry about whether the sex doll you are using is made of recycled TPE.


As mentioned above, there are many ways you can say goodbye to a used sex doll. Do not dispose of your sex doll in an illegal way, such as throwing the doll in water bodies or drainage trenches. Some even wanted to burn the doll. This will bring pollution to the environment and also expose you to the highly toxic smoke, which will damage your health.

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