Zelex Launches New EXP Skeleton of Sex Dolls

This week, Zelex launched a New Skeleton named EXP Skeleton. EXP comes from the word “expression”, which means this skeletona can make Zelex dolls be more expressive. EXP Skeleton is not an upgraded version but an expanded version of the original EVO skeleton. This Skeleton can meet the needs of customers who want the doll to perform more natural and realistic movements and express rich emotions through body language. Zelex customers can choose either the traditional EVO Skeleton or the more expressive EXP Skeleton when place an order for Zelex sex dolls.

Special Offer

Until April 20th, the EXP Skeleton option is currently being offered at no cost, but starting from April 21st, customers will need to pay for it. Now or Never! Grab your chance! ➡ Click to Buy Zelex Dolls 

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New Features of EXP Skeleton

  • New joints have been added to the shoulders, allowing for shoulder tightening and arm movements to unlock more postures and greatly enhancing the sex doll’s performance;
  • The neck has added a ball joint, allowing the head to move in 360 degrees freely and making the lines of the head and neck more realistic;
  • Change the original elbow to double-jointed elbow, and add a ball joint to doll’s wrist, making the elbow and wrist movements more diverse and natural;
  • The strength of the joints has been readjusted in the waist, allowing for stable support and easier twisting.

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