Why Do Some People Have Multiple Sex Dolls?

As quality sex dolls become more affordable and customizable, collecting multiple dolls is becoming more and more popular in the doll lover community. Those with sufficient income and a passion for the hobby can create their own small “harems” of love dolls, each with a unique look and personality.

Changing tastes and moods

Everyone experiences different moods and tastes at different stages of their lives. Sometimes you might want a sex doll with big eyes and straight hair. Then you might want one with curly hair and alluring eyes. As a result, they end up owning multiple sex dolls. Frankly, why not? You can always choose different preferences based on your specific needs.

Diversity is the spice of life

For some doll owners, owning multiple dolls simply means more variety and excitement. One TPE sex doll may have blonde hair and blue eyes, another may be brunette and busty. Some represent fantasies like a sexy nurse or a sexy maid. With a doll collection, there are endless opportunities for play and photoshoots. Boredom is a thing of the past when you can enjoy a harem full of beautiful “women”.

Create a relationship

Some doll lovers take great care in creating backstories and personalities for each of their dolls. You imagine complex relationships between yourself and each doll as if they were real partners. With a variety of dolls, they can live out all the ups and downs of dating and romance with ideal fantasy companions who are always there for them.

A means of expression

For some doll owners, building a collection becomes a means of self-expression. The teenage sex dolls they choose, the clothes and makeup they dress them in, and the photos they take all represent an artistic expression of their interests and fantasies. Some see the accumulation of several beautiful love dolls a way to show off their dedication and passion for their unconventional hobby and lifestyle.

The general public may find the idea of owning multiple realistic sex dolls unusual or unsettling. But for hobbyists they represent the pinnacle of imagination and open-minded sexuality. As technology in this area continues to advance at a rapid pace, sex dolls are becoming more personalized, interactive and capable meet a variety of niche needs. For those looking for the perfect romantic partner, perhaps variety really is the only way to achieve contentment and ward off disinterest or boredom. When reality isn’t enough, some may find solace in creating their own fantasy world, populated by as diverse a cast of puppets as their interests require.

A growing trend

Social media has also made it easier for doll owners to socialize, share photos, and develop a sense of community. Some consider their collections a source of pride and work to amass as many dolls as possible. They treat them as a model enthusiast would treat a collection of scale replicas. Statistics on the average number of cheap sex dolls owned are difficult to ascertain and many owners prefer privacy. But some surveys and estimates suggest that 12-15 dolls in a personal collection for dedicated hobbyists is not uncommon. As interest in companionship through artificial partners increases and technology allows for more complex doll designs, the popularity of assembling a collection of multiple sex dolls is likely to increase over time. For now, though uncommon, they remain a niche treat for those looking for the perfect partner in a world of their own imagination.

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