New Sex Dolls, Gamelady, Zelex & More

August has come to an end with some final bit of news. Recently, quite a bit happened, the biggest was new heads with with oral structure and moveable jaw. Now, sit back and relax as we sift through hot summer’s sex doll news.

Gamelady Doll

Gamelady Doll released Head #21, Ada Wong. This inspired head is with oral structure and moveable jaw. Showcased on their recent 171cm G Cup Body, Ada looks taller, and even sexier than before. I don’t know if this outfit is from the game, but it’s super sexy and bondage-like with many parts to it. Unlike Head #11, her expression remains the same with only the upgraded mouth, which was a smart decision. Resident Evil fans who wanted the Ada head with oral structure and moveable jaw will be pleased.

Gamelady Doll also released Head #20, Lara Croft. This head is also with oral structure and moveable jaw. Several people were waiting for this, and it’s finally here. Compared to their original Lara head (Head #7), it looks more-or-less the same. She’s dressed nearly identical to her previous photoset, and is on the same 166cm body. In fact, she looks oddly skinny in the nude photos. It would have been nice to see her on a different body, like the 165cm or 171cm. In, you can order Head#20 with 165cm or 171cm body.

Zelex Doll

Zelex released a new head called GE16, which is Head GE76 with oral structure and moveable jaw. This head comes in 2 makeup styles: normal and blushing+upturned eyebrows. The 2 makeup-styles are combined below, and it looks fairly good as expected.

FunWest Doll

Funwest Doll shared a new photoset of their 159cm Alice dressed as Sakura from Naruto. Although I don’t think this head matches the character, anime and gaming cosplays are always nice to see.

FunWest Doll also released their new body: 157cm G Cup Body. In fact, the new body is the same waist and hip size as 157cm C Cup Body, but the former is plumper than the latter. In the new photoset, 157cm G Cup Body is matched with Bella Head, wearing a uniform. As usual, their photographer did an expert job at presenting her.


The surprise was that Gamelady Doll released 2 heads on the same day (Head #20 and #21). The photosets may not be exciting, but it’s the upgraded head that matters. Since there aren’t many heads left without this feature, I wonder if they’ll upgrade their anime series heads next. Stay tuned to find out.

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