Male Sex Dolls for Women

When most people hear the word “sex doll“, they immediately think of a female love doll with artificial breasts and vagina. Traditionally, sex dolls were only designed for men who want to masturbate by having sex with dolls that look like women.

Why do male sex dolls appear?

It is a well-known fact that men find it harder than women to suppress sex desires. This is why female sex dolls are so popular. However, some women would like to have their own sex doll. They are fed up with the sadness and difficulties that men offer them in real relationships. Now more and more women are looking at a special area of the sex doll industry called “male sex doll“.

Male sex dolls are meant to look like attractive men. They have 6 packs of abs, hair on their heads, a firm butt and a big erect penis. Women use these male sex dolls for both sex and dating just as men use female sex dolls for the same purpose. Male sex dolls can also be friends. Woman who are keen to experience the elements of a real relationship can use realistic male sex dolls to bridge the gap in life until a real partner arrives. Because of this new trend in male sex dolls, the sex doll market is more prosperous than ever.

What shouldn’t you do with male sex doll?

Don’t be overly creative with your sexual position. Cowgirl is the only one that creates the most stimulation, as the weight of your body on the penis creates the power you need to feel good. No other sexual position can be used to achieve the same power.

For example, if you are trying to have sex “doggy” with a doll you need to find a way to lift and secure the doll. The dolls penis should also be erect and straight. f you can arrange this setup, you will look back and bow in front of your penis. Or ride on your hands and knees and face the opposite direction. It all depends on whether the doll is standing upright or on the bed.

How to clean a male sex doll?

The male sex doll’s genitals are external, so cleaning is much easier. It’s not the same experience as cleaning the inside of the vagina, which is difficult to see from the outside. There should be no problem cleaning the liquid and lube off the male love doll’s penis. If it’s a removable penis, cleaning it is even easier.

All you need is liquid soap and warm water to clean the love doll. It is advisable to use all natural liquid soap so as not to irritate the doll’s silicone material. Use lukewarm water with liquid soap to wash dirt off the penis. Some people like to mix soap and water in a bucket and lightly scrub the penis with a light sponge.

lf you cannot remove the penis from the male love doll you need to mix soap and water in a spray bottle and spray the solution other penis. Then use a light sponge to wipe away any residue from that penis. Do not rub too hard and the surface of the sponge will not wear too much. Be as gentle as possible and give your penis a good scrub.


Male sex dolls will be a great sleep companion. Lay your back on the bed next to you. lf you want to have sex with it at midnight, you know what to do. lt will be the simplest and easiest sex you will ever have in your life.

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