Love Doll Options: Torso or Full-size Sex Dolls?

If you are interested in buying a love doll, you have plenty of choices for your perfect girl. One of those options is what kind of doll you want – just a torso or a full-size doll? What are the differences between these options and which one is right for your lifestyle?

Torso Sex Doll

A torso sex doll is mostly a full doll with no legs or no arms. Your dream girl will be stripped down to the most important parts so that you can enjoy her in any way you want without any hassles. With a torso puppet, you can maneuver them more easily. With no limbs to get tangled and in the way, you have full access to your fuck doll’s anus and vagina, making your time with her more fun and giving you the opportunity to be more creative.

A torso doll is also easier to stow away when needed. You don’t want visitors to know about your love dolls. So you have to hide them. With no legs, your fuck doll is easily out of sight, allowing you to get on with your day in comfort. Smaller dolls tend to be cheaper than full-size dolls. Of course, that depends on how individual you want your doll to be – do you want her to be your perfect girl? We offer fully customizable fuck dolls so all aspects of her will be to your liking.

Full-size Sex Doll

A full-size doll can have more personality than a torso doll. Since she looks like a live girl, it’s easier to see her as one. To be honest, both sex doll torsos and full sex doll, you can enjoy different sexual positions, such as missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl, among others. However, the inclusion of the lower body in a full sex doll offers a more complete sexual experience than a sex doll torso in realism. A complete doll can be more than just a sex doll – it is a companion for your life. You can dress up your doll and go on dates with her or watch movies at home. A full doll is the perfect option for someone who has the doll with them all the time. Another significant difference between a torso sex doll and a full-size sex doll is their price. Full-size sex dolls are generally more expensive than torso sex dolls because they require more materials to produce and are bigger in size.


When deciding between a torso sex doll and a full-size sex doll, it all comes down to personal preference, budget, and desired sexual experience. If you’re on a tight budget or don’t have enough space to store a full sex doll, a sex doll torso might be the best option. However, if you want a complete sexual experience and have enough space to store a full sex doll, then a full sex doll is the better option. Regardless of what you choose, always remember to read reviews and do your research before making a purchase. Contact Linkooerdoll today to learn more about our fuck doll options. Create your perfect Love Dolls and bring them home.

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