How to Enrich Your Love Doll’s Expression?

How to enrich your sex doll’s expression? As far as I know, the facial expression of sex dolls, whether silicone dolls or a TPE dolls, is fixed after leaving the factory. If you find a real doll with different expressions on social media, it is because her owner has used FaceAPP for her. So can you make your love doll have different expressions not just with FaceAPP? The answer is YES. Small teeth, a tongue, even marbles in the mouth, there are plenty of tricks to give more expression to your love doll’s face. For photos and even… in the middle of games for more immersion. In fact, the easiest way to change the doll’s expression is to turn her eyes.

Eyes on Silicone Sex Doll

Extracting and inserting eyes in the head of a silicone sex doll can be difficult due to the lack of elasticity of the material. The silicone, although elastic enough to extract or introduce eyeballs, is particularly fragile at this point and the eyelids are very thin. Take your time and add a little oil, if necessary, to facilitate the introduction or extraction. Generally, the standard silicone eyeball is trapped in a plastic capsule and mounted on a spring. To move it, simply compress the eye on the spring so that it is released and then orient it. The spring is not always stainless, so prefer to protect the eyes from water as much as possible to avoid rust in the long term.

With this system, your silicone beauty will be able to look to the sides, up or down to direct her gaze towards yours or towards the lens. Ideal for making more fun photos or giving you a devastating look in the middle of the action.

Up close, the realistic eyes from silicone doll might scare you, so take a step back and imagine them in context. These small veins are quite discreet once in the head of your doll and always give more realism.

Eyes on TPE Sex Doll

Some brands generally provide hollow half-sphere eyes for TPE sex dolls and their eyes will be stuffed with cellulose wadding. But there are also innovative brands, such as Piper Doll, offer standard eyes whose wadding is replaced by a half sphere of TPE. The half hollow acrylic spheres may seem cheap. However, it represents many advantages if you want to give expression to your doll. They are easy to press into the head to tend towards half-closed eyes that seem to take pleasure.

Similarly, TPE being naturally sticky when it is not powdered, you can easily open the eyelid to get a bulging eye and create a surprised look. The eyelid, sticky on the inside, freezes the position of the eye, because it is clean and not powdered.

Position the Eyes for Different Facial Expressions

To add realism to your silicone or TPE doll, it is possible to easily adjust her eyes and get out of the frozen face that you have watched so long.
a. Sink the eye to create a start of eyelid closure. Make it stand out to westernize an Asian face, create an expression of surprise.
b. Bite the upper eyelid over the iris for a devastating look.
c. Bite the upper eyelid on the pupil to create an impression of intense enjoyment.

Look out of the corner of your eye for changes in plans or naughty glances. With a little practice, it’s easy to give more expressions to your sex doll and increased immersion guaranteed on sex dolls. You will no longer see your doll as before.

Fill Her mouth

Let’s take it a step further to breathe life into her still face by putting marbles in your love doll’s mouth. A slightly open mouth to express a form of surprise, a cute look; slightly swollen cheeks that will slightly modify the shape of his lips, the height of these lower eyelids. You can also put a TPE tongue to create naughty effects with the mouth. In addition, a small piece of rolled tissue well placed in his mouth to imitate teeth. The illusion is undetectable. To go further you can consider buying a cheap sex toy with teeth.

If you have more tricks to give more expressions to your sex doll, please leave your comment below!

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