How to Clean Sex Doll with Oil?

Cleaning your TPE doll with mineral oil is the most effective way to get rid of stains and odors. This post may be of interest to you if you just bought a love doll.
When you receive your doll, a more or less light smell of plastic emerges. This is normal and is due to the residues and oily atmosphere that prevails in the factories. In addition, this smell is not final and it is not the smell of TPE. It can be removed by a specific cleaning way that we advise you to apply.

Periodic Maintenance

Dust, fibers from clothes, gnats, moths, etc… An endless list of things will accumulate on your doll’s skin. The moth will leave some powder on its skin. The small synthetic fiber stuck for three months on doll’s skin will also left a small stain. Therefore, periodic maintenance is very important to your love doll. Before jumping on TPE stain removers, clean with oil. Most of these small visible spots will disappear with a few swipes.

Thorough Cleaning

If your doll’s body is dirty, some of the grime will penetrate with into your doll’s body. Cleaning with mineral oil is the most effective way

Material Required

a. Paraffin oil, the purest and most neutral, it can be found in pharmacies;
b. White micro fiber towels type 30cm*30cm that you find in supermarkets or online
c. The blanket that is delivered with your sex doll, or you can find white blankets in supermarkets;
d. A table to lay down your doll and be able to work comfortably
e. A plastic cruet.

Application of Oil

1. Put the blanket on the table and let your doll lay on the table.
2. With the oil can, moisten your micro fiber and spray the area you want to clean.
3. Do not hesitate to be generous on the oil to lubricate the area well.
4. Don’t let the oil get absorbed, use it to swipe and collect the grime.
5. Gather the grime from the neck to the shoulders then deal with the arms. Start at the fingertips slowly, then work your way up to the shoulder.
6. Swipe the doll’s skin as many times as necessary, dirt only shows when it 7. accumulates. Be sure to always keep the areas to be rubbed lubricated. Mop up the excess oil if there is any.
7. Turn her around to clean her back and buttocks in the same way.
8. Then give your sex doll a good shower. The pressure of the water combined with the soap will easily loosen the grime build-up.

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If your cleaning is effective, the production odors are gone and your love doll will now smell of soap. Then let your doll dry in a dust-free place and dust it with cornstarch. Her skin is radiant, homogeneous, and it is perfect. If the production odors are still partially present, you need to clean your love doll again. The different TPE recipes do not all react in exactly the same way. Sometimes it will take two or three cleanings to achieve its purpose. More than cleaning, part of this oil will soak into your doll. It will have the effect of durably softening the skin and flesh of your doll by giving it more elasticity and softness. Give your love doll a hug within a few hours and see the difference.


1. Mineral oil makes up a large part of your doll. It plays an important role in the elasticity of the TPE but not abuse it.
2. The oil even cleans up your new doll’s makeup. If you don’t want to lose this makeup, avoid the eye and lip areas.
3. Most of the breasts are airbrushed, and the oil can slightly fade the color of the areolas with force.

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