Fixed Vagina ? Removable Vagina

The vaginas of the sex dolls come in the kind of fixed or removable. If you are learning about sex dolls for the first time, you will be curious about the difference between the two kinds of vagina. Which one is better? This post will objectively tell you their advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the vagina you want according to your needs.

Fixed Vagina

A fixed vagina, also known as a “built-in vagina”. When the legs of your love dolls are closed, you can’t distinguish whether her vagina is fixed or removable. Fixed vagina is in-built into the body of the sex dolls and contains texture, much like that of a real woman’s vagina. In some degree, the fixed vagina feels tighter during the intercourse.

It is not as easy as cleaning dolls with removable vagina. You need to carry the whole doll to the bathroom to clean her after use. If your doll is very tall and heavy, you may feel it hard to clean her. You can’t replace the vagina if it is damaged. If you want to sell it second-hand, your buyer might be a bit offended that it’s a used vagina after all.

Removable Vagina

The removable ones are generally equipped with a vaginal barrel or tube which is made of the same material as the doll itself. The vaginal barrel, on the other hand, is of about 6 to 7 inches depending on the size of the doll and quite like the fixed vagina is textured in great detail for your needs and pleasure. The external appearance of the vagina is the same whether you have fixed or removable vagina.

If your sex doll’s detachable vagina is damaged, you can buy a new one to replace it. But if you have a love doll with damaged fixed vagina, you need to spend more money to buy a new sex doll. A used sex doll with removable vagina is more likely to sell out, because buyers can buy new vagina for sex dolls. If your love doll has one inserted into the vagina, she can easily turn into a ladyboy with a new shemale insert.

However, the insert vagina delivers less real sensations during the intercourse. In addition, inserting the vagina into sell dolls requires technique. You may feel difficult for the first-time use. When you put the insert vagina in and take it out, you also run a risk to damage your love dolls.

How to insert vagina into your doll?

If you choose a love doll with insert vagina, here are steps for you to attach the vagina.

  1. Wash your hands and make sure they are clean before insert the vagina. It’s better to use disposable gloves. This is good for your health.
  2. Prepare your doll, lie her down on the back then lift the two legs up towards the ceiling. Keep two legs of your dolls separate apart. Now your sex doll’s vagina hole opens enough to receive the insert vagina.
  3. Spray talcum powder to the surface of the detachable vagina and the vagina hole.
  4. Open your doll’s vagina orifice softly and insert vagina into your doll. Use your fingers to go inside the hole to make sure it is held in position correctly.

If you’re looking for a more authentic sexual experience, you’ll want a sex doll with fixed vagina. When you want something easy to clean, you should consider a sex doll with removable vagina. It is up to you.

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